Staff Appreciation


Sojourner appreciates its staff. We recognize the challenges their tasked with in counseling our clients struggling with addiction and mental health. Every day we see our coworkers go above and beyond in exhibiting compassion, patience, strength, hard work, motivation, willpower, inspiration, care. You get it. Today, we take some extra time to appreciate Darryle Short, our Director of Staff Development.

Darryle was recently recognized by Journal News reporter Rick McCrabb for being one of the most intriguing people of 2015. In the article, “Reporter Rick McCrabb Presents ‘Most Intriguing People of the Year,'” McCrabb writes:

“‘Every wonderful thing’

The first time I heard Darryle Short speak during a United Way breakfast, I knew I had to interview him.

We sat down in the office at Sojourner Recovery Services in Hamilton, and for more about an hour, he told his amazing story from being homeless to his journey of being sober for 18 years.

He said that on Dec. 27, 1997 he was hiding from the winter weather under the West Middletown bridge — a hideout for the homeless — with all his possessions: a trash bag full of clothes and a 19-inch cable ready TV in case he could watch ESPN where he spent the night.

He closed his eyes for a second, then a large TV appeared on an I-beam under the bridge. His life flashed before him.

It was the G version of his R-rated life.

‘Every wonderful thing that ever happened to me,’ Short explained. ‘Not the trauma, nor the abuse, none of that.’

He eventually reconnected with his mother and stepfather, earned his GED at Middletown High School, and paid off the $77,000 in child support he owed in Butler, Warren and Preble counties. He works as director of staff development at Sojourner, the same place where he became sober, met and married his wife, and started as a resident assistant.”

Darryle Short is the physical embodiment of Sojourner’s Mission, Vision, and Beliefs. We sure are lucky to have him!

For McCrabb’s full article, click here.

MAMAS for Mamas


The holiday season is over, the new year is underway, and the temperatures are beginning to drop. This time of year can be tough. It’s cold and lonely and the winter months seem to drag on for forever. But the new year is also an opportunity to have a better year — to be a better you. 2016 has the potential to be the best and most exciting, life-changing year yet. Sojourner wants it to be, and we want to help. With one new program already launched, we are actively working toward making 2016 a great year for the Butler County region.

A few weeks ago, community leaders gathered in Hamilton to announce the new Butler County Motherhood and Maternity Addiction Services (MAMAS) program. MAMAS was created to serve pregnant women who are suffering from addiction and their families. The development of MAMAS was a joint venture by several Butler County entities, including, but not limited to, County Commissioner Cindy Carpenter, Butler County Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Services Board (BCMHARS), Butler County Department of Job and Family Services, Supports to Encourage Low Income Families (SELF), Ohio Means Jobs (OMJ), and Sojourner Recovery Services. The unprecedented collaboration of these organizations allows MAMAS to fill traditional holes in services — such as education, employment, childcare, and housing — to be a truly comprehensive program.

Typically, women in the MAMAS program will begin treatment in a Sojourner residential program to treat their addiction. After they successfully leave our residential program, they and their children will have the option to move into a transitional housing unit, at no charge to them — thanks to a partnership between Sojourner and Butler County. Throughout this entire process, the women will have the opportunity to work or earn an education. Furthermore, each woman will be assigned a case manager to help them navigate and utilize the resources available to them. The aim of MAMAS is to give women the skills and resources they need in order to be wonderful mamas.

With the MAMAS program already launched, Sojourner would like to say 2016 is off to a pretty good start! However, we are not satisfied. We plan to devote the rest of 2016 to saving lives, fostering hope, and strengthening the communities of the Butler County region.