Wellness and Farmers Market

Our good friends at Primary Health Solutions are hosting their annual Wellness and Farmers Market event this week. This is held every year but this year they made it a drive thru event due to Covid.  We were on hand to help distribute food.  When we were done, more than 25 thousand pounds of food were distributed to our friends and neighbors.  We will all be in Middletown on Thursday to continue serving our community.

Butler County United Way

Sojourner would like to give a big shout out to the Butler County United Way for their continued support of Sojourner and our mission. The United Way just announced an investment of more than $600,000 to help support healthy communities throughout Butler Country. Sojourner is honored and thankful to receive a portion of that investment. We pledge to use this donation wisely as we continue our efforts to assist those dealing with addiction and mental illness throughout the region.

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month – Hispanics

In Butler county, Hispanic people make up more than 22% of the COVID-19 cases while being just over 5% of the population.  This kind of trauma can lead to an increase in depression.  Less than 50% of Hispanics suffering from depression or mental illness will seek assistance.  No matter the cause, we can help.

Trauma can affect the way we think, act, and feel. The #impactoftrauma on BIPOC has spanned generations. Learn more about the #impactoftrauma at mhanational.org/july. #BIPOCMentalHealthMonth

Baskets for babies

Thank you to the Kiwanis Club of Middletown. They provided baskets for our babies at Sojourner Recovery Services. What a wonderful gift for baby and mom!

The Kiwanis Club of Middletown will be celebrating its 94th birthday on July 23rd. Sojourner wishes you many more years of serving our community.

Drug Overdoses On The Rise During The Pandemic

Nationwide, federal and local officials are now reporting alarming spikes in drug overdoses since the pandemic. The suspected death count in Hamilton County for June 2020 was 60% greater than overdose deaths in June of 2019. Butler County is also experiencing an increase in overdoses according to Christine Birhanzl with Sojourner Recovery Services. So, what is behind the surge in cases under the pandemic and how are treatment facilities responding?

Find out more here.

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month – Asian-Americans

Asian-Americans are the 3rd largest minority population in Butler County and are the largest minority group in Warren County according to census.gov. Studies show that Asian-Americans are three times less likely than their white counterparts to seek treatment for their mental health concerns. Many factors affect their ability to seek help, such as language barriers, acceptance of Western medicine, age, gender, occupational issues, religion, traditional beliefs about mental health, and family structure. Sojourner Recovery Services can help.

Sojourner has been named one of the best rehab facilities in Cincinnati.

Here at Sojourner we are thrilled to announce that we have been voted in the top 10 Rehab Centers in the Cincinnati area by Help.org. We are proud of our residential, outpatient, medical, perinatal, and recovery housing services! We believe that patients seeking treatment at our facilities really can find the full spectrum of care. If you are interested in receiving services, we encourage you to call 513-868-7654 or visit our website at www.sojournerrecovery.com/contact/

You can read the article here.


National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

July is #BIPOCMentalHealthMonth. BIPOC are often faced with years – even generations – of trauma, which translates to socioeconomic disparities and, in turn, is linked to mental health concerns today. Learn more about the #impactoftrauma at mhanational.org/july.

New MAMA’S Recovery House

The MAMA’S Recovery House (Motherhood and Maternal Addiction Services) first opened its doors to pregnant women and women with young children in March, 2016. MAMA’S is a holistic program providing complete wraparound services that stabilize and strengthen the lives of pregnant/postpartum women affected by addiction. Women enter the housing program after successful completion of residential treatment and are provided safe and affordable housing in a recovery themed and nurturing environment. While attending outpatient treatment, residents meet weekly with the Perinatal Case Manager to work on their individualized case plan with goals that include continued recovery, positive and effective parenting and self-sufficiency.

The Mama’s Recovery House has been getting prepared to move into our new location by the end of June, 2020. The newly renovated building offers 10 fully furnished apartments, onsite laundry, a children’s area with a children’s library, and spacious office areas where house meetings, case management sessions, and educational groups will be held. An added bonus is the fenced in backyard area with the picnic tables and playset. We are all very grateful and excited to get into our new space!

Social Inequality and Racism

Community Health Alliance and subsidiaries Sojourner Recovery Services and Transitional Living (TLC) acknowledge and condemn the systemic racism, oppression and violence against persons of color and diverse ethnic backgrounds. We believe that equality is a human right and strive to support our employees, clients, families and communities in confronting racism in all forms.  The prevalence of violence against Black Americans has highlighted racial inequalities, which have long standing systemic impacts on all areas of life especially a person’s overall health and wellness.  Racism is a public health crisis that disproportionately impacts persons of color and their health outcomes.  At Community Health Alliance, we strive to be culturally responsive and inclusive.  We stand with our partner agencies in supporting people of color and speaking out against racism in all forms and are committed to engaging in open dialogue to address the challenges facing our community.  Racism can’t be tolerated and requires action from all of us.