Pre-Contemplation Services

Sojourner Recovery Services’ Pre-Contemplation program provides services to clients currently on the waiting list. In focusing on harm reduction, it is an early engagement to begin the treatment process. The Pre-Contemplation program is the first stage of change on clients’ road to recovery.

Pre-Contemplation services provide:

  • Assessment
  • Individual Sessions
  • Group Counseling

Pre-Contemplation clients must attend group therapy up to two days per week (one hour sessions each) and individual counseling sessions.

Pre-Contemplation Services offered:

  • Adult Pre-Contemplation Outpatient – 515 Dayton St., Hamilton, OH

Length of stay in any program is contingent upon the client’s progress in treatment and highly individualized based on the client’s specific needs. While our emphasis is chemical dependency, other individualized areas of concern are addressed as well.

All treatment services are provided by licensed professionals, in compliance with OhioMHAS and Sojourner Recovery Services Standards of Care.