Another Place to Call Home

Another Place to Call Home


Sojourner is proud to announce the opening of our new women’s residential treatment facility in Hamilton! The 16-bed facility opened its doors to new clients this past Monday. Eventually, this will be the home to 16 women:


We understand that many of the women coming into Sojourner’s treatment program have a stable, permanent home; however, this is unfortunately not the reality for all clients. Either way, we want our clients to look at their residential facility as a home of sorts. We believe a safe and comfortable living environment is conducive to the treatment process. We do our best to seamlessly take care of the little things, so clients can be focused on and committed to their treatment goals. That is why all Sojourner residential clients receive a Basket of Hope upon moving into their new home. This basket contains personal items such as new bedding, a towel, and a journal, among other things.

The addition of this facility brings Sojourner to a total of six residential facilities, for a grand total of 88 beds. For a grand total of 88 people receiving 24-hour substance abuse treatment. Eighty-eight people who will have a better life. That’s what really matters.

Opening the new facility has required energy, time, planning, creativity, and patience on behalf of many Sojourner staff members–but isn’t this the way with all great things? We are certain our new facility will continue Sojourner’s tradition of improving lives through effective treatment. Finally, we are proud of our new facility; we hope the community can be too.