Out with the Old, in with the New

Out with the Old, in with the New


Welcome to Sojourner Recovery Services’ newly renovated website! Thanks for stopping by. Our new website is designed in a no-nonsense, easy-to-read format in order to conveniently provide you with the information you seek–whether it be the services we provide, scheduling an assessment, or the community meeting schedule. As an agency that provides substance abuse and mental health services, we understand the quality of a person’s life can be a time sensitive issue. If you are seeking help for yourself, for a loved one, or just learning more about Sojourner, we welcome you to our website and admire your courage to make a change for the better.

In future blog posts, you can expect to find a variety of topics discussed: updates on Sojourner, local drug trends, effective substance abuse treatment, relevant events in the community, and anything else related to our Mission, Vision, and Beliefs.

Although our website is new, our agency is not.

Sojourner Recovery Services was founded in 1984 as a nonprofit organization in Butler County, OH. The need for a substance abuse treatment facility was clear, and Sojourner took on the challenge. Now, over thirty years later we remain a top provider of comprehensive addiction treatment in the region. One reason Sojourner has been successful for so many years is due to our holistic, individualized treatment approach. Rather than focusing solely on treating a person’s substance abuse issues, we focus on every aspect of the substance abuse issue, such as reasons they began to use, co-occurring mental health issues, and broken family relationships. We focus on healing the entire person. This could not be possible without Sojourner’s compassionate, dedicated staff–the number one reason for our agency’s success. The staff members here truly care about the treatment, health, and success of each and every Sojourner client. We are in this field to save lives.

But like our website, Sojourner is constantly updating.

For example, Sojourner was first founded as a women’s only treatment center. Upon recognizing the need of the community, the agency expanded to provide services for men and adolescents as well. The treatment services provided to clients are a combination of the most up-to-date evidence-based practices. Furthermore, Sojourner regularly conducts training to ensure all staff members have the appropriate skills for working with a population suffering from addiction. Today, most importantly, Sojourner recognizes that drug addiction is not a choice, but a complex illness characterized by intense and, at times, uncontrollable drug cravings, along with compulsive drug seeking and use that persist even in the face of devastating consequences. We are working hard to constantly familiarize ourselves with the newest treatment, so our clients can have the opportunity to lead the sober lives they deserve.

So out with the old website, out with the old stigmas of substance abuse, out with the old binds of drug addiction–in with the new!

Always with our Vision in mind, Save Lives – Foster Hope – Strengthen Communities