Recognizing Jill Parrott

Recognizing Jill Parrott

Our very own Admission Coordinator, Jill Parrott, is being recognized this year for her service to the community and our clients. Jill has been a part of the Sojourner family since 2016. In that time she has had several roles but the one thing that has remained true is her dedication to the population we serve! We asked clients and coworkers how they felt about Jill and some of their comments are below.

From a past client: Jill is an amazing lady that always made me feel welcome when I came to the clinic. She has an amazing heart that only wants the best for people. She wants to see people be successful in their life.

Jill’s coworkers describe her as Sincere, Genuine, Angel, Miracle worker, Compassionate, and aRole Model!

Everyone who knows Jill recognizes how much she cares for the individuals we serve. “Our clients come to us broken and afraid; walking through the door is sometimes the hardest thing they have ever done.  Jill greets them with honesty, dignity, and respect and most clients immediately feel a connection with her genuineness and compassion.  Jill sees past the way they are when they arrive, to the people they will be outside of their addiction.”

“Every client that has ever been helped by Jill NEVER forgets her effort to serve as a lifeline in a broken time of their lives.” Jill is someone who never seeks credit for the work she does. However, on this day, it is time to shine the spotlight on her and honor the passion in which she puts forth in her job each day.