Sojourner and Transitional Living Merge

Sojourner and Transitional Living Merge






Sojourner Recovery Services is excited and proud to announce we are merging with Transitional Living, Inc., Butler County’s premier community mental health provider. Both nonprofit organizations have over 30 years of experience, so the merged organization will truly be a behavioral health powerhouse in Butler County.

While this merger has many benefits, it most importantly allows Sojourner and Transitional Living to better serve the people of the Butler County region. Today, many people who suffer from addiction also suffer from mental illness (as previously mentioned in this post). Thus, through Sojourner and Transitional Living joining forces, we will have the ability to provide more comprehensive services to this overlapping population, giving them all the tools essential for their recovery.

The newly merged organization will be structured as a parent company with two separate subsidiaries. This form maintains Sojourner and Transitional Living as two individual organizations who will maintain their expertise and brand identity. The newly formed parent company, Community Health Alliance, will take on back-office and community outreach duties for both subsidiary organizations.

Scott Gehring, current CEO of Sojourner, has been named the CEO/President of Community Health Alliance.

This is an exciting time for both agencies, and we look forward to the future of collaborating in serving our community.