Vaccine Days

Earlier this month, we had completed administering our second doses of the Moderna vaccine, as well as a few first doses. Overall, the event was a success! More than half of our staff volunteered to become vaccinated, motivated by a commitment to protect not only themselves but also their friends, family, and community from this deadly virus. A feeling of hope and excitement for the future filled the air. The months of waiting are reaching a place of resolution as more and more vaccines become available. We are beyond thrilled to have had the opportunity to offer this vaccine to all of you.

The past year has been tasking for everyone. With all of our continued efforts to stay safe and healthy for ourselves and our loved ones, we will be one step closer to normalcy.

Thank you to our nursing staff Angie, Kristina, Sierra, Ashley, and Alice, for vaccinating everyone. This could not have been possible without you. Additionally, a special thank you to Tanya, Jeff, and Treva! This clinic went exceptionally well thanks contributions from all of you.